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The AUDI Grandsphere Concept heralds the future of the AUDI A8

Audi has unveiled the Grandsphere study, the second of three concept vehicles to aim to predict the future of its production cars.

A large sleek sedan coupe heralds the future of the model Audi A8 and, among other things, allows for level 4 autonomous driving. At Audi, they are a concept Grandsphere marked as the road equivalent of a private business aircraft, which is, after all, an appropriate comparison, luxury GT it measures 5,4 meters in length and has a wheelbase of 3,2 meters, which certainly provides a lot of space for passengers in the air passenger cabin.

Formally, the concept is a mixture futuristic and minimalism, as the front and rear lights are very narrow and the shape itself is a mixture of elegance and aerodynamic request. Entering the interior is also easier due to the absence of a B-pillar and rear doors that open back, and the interior is imbued with materials that we connect with luxury, such as wood and aluminum, as well as with wool. Audi has decided to use a dashboard projection instead of screens, level 4 autonomous driving however, it does not require a steering wheel and pedals that have been stowed away, but can be “pulled out” of hiding on the driver’s command.

It is therefore mounted in a visible place on the center console refrigerator with two glasses and a bottle that accentuates the impression of the living room. The study was based on architecture Premium Platform Electric (PPE), on which some serial models of the Volkswagen Group have already been created. The capacity of the batteries is 120 kW, there are two electric motors, each on its own axis, and together they produce 530 kW (721 hp) of maximum power and 960 Nm of maximum torque.

Audi Grandscape so it accelerates to a hundred in less than four seconds and has a range of 750 kilometers. Charging is very fast, as the charger has a capacity of 270 kW of battery capacity 120 kWh up to eighty percent charge in just ten minutes.

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