FORMULA 1 published a tentative CALENDAR of the 2022 season

The official calendar of Formula 1 races of the 2022 season will have to wait, because it seems that due to the still ongoing crisis in the world due to the coronavirus, more time is needed to prepare the final calendar. Monza is expected to agree that Imola will once again occupy a place on the reserve list.

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According to Italian colleagues from, Yippee Liberty Media for the 2022 season compiled a list of venues with 23 dates. On this list are all the races that have a contract for next year, which was discussed in Monzi. The race in Imola is not on this list.

That would mean years 2022 traveled to Italy only once, per race Grand Prix of Italy in Monza, which will be on September 11th. However, with colleagues from predict that they could Imola however returned to the calendar. Because the coronavirus pandemic has caused certain ones all over the world economic difficulties, many races over the next year seem to be in question. It is most mentioned here french race. And Imola is first on the list to replace the French GP.

Bahrain will also host the inaugural race of the season in 2022, Australia, which was the traditional start of the season, will be on the agenda as the third.

Na provisional calendar we can still observe that the race in Saudi Arabia moved to the start of the season as the second for the inaugural in Bahrain. Australia returns in package s China, both races will be scheduled for April. Caravan Formula 1 will travel to the American continent at three different times. New race GP Miami on May 8, Canada returns in June, USA, Mexico in Brazilija but towards the end of the year.

Provisional calendar of Formula 1 races of the 2022 season

March 20 - BAHRAIN


April 10 - AUSTRALIA

April 17 - CHINA

May 8 - MIAMI

May 21 - SPAIN

May 28 - MONACO

June 12 - CANADA



July 17 - FRANCE

July 24 - AUSTRIA

July 31 - HUNGARY

August 28 - BELGIUM

September 4 - NETHERLANDS

September 11 - ITALY

September 25 - RUSSIA

October 9 - SINGAPORE

October 16 - JAPAN

October 30 - MEXICO

November 6 - USA

November 27 - BRAZIL

December 5 - ABU DABI

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