CALENDAR Formula 1 season 2022 with 23 races again without GERMANY

Formula 1 still has its hands full with this year’s calendar, but they are already looking at the 2022 season. Stefano Domenicali told colleagues from Sport Bild that there will be no German Grand Prix race next year.

Photo: HB Press

Race for German GP is among many fans and also racers very popular event, but it is also a race that has been struggling financially for years.

Stezi Hockenheimring in Nurburgring they have alternately organized a race in the past to share the costs, and for a long time he even supported the German race as a partner. Mercedes. However, they stopped doing that and so it is German GP disappeared from the calendar. In 2020 Nurburgring returned to the so-called crown calendar. However, years 2022 such a race is not to be expected. “I have a feeling that the organizations themselves do not have enough confidence to be able to organize a race,”The first man of Formula 1 told the German media Stefano Domenicali.

Stefano Domenicali told the German media that there will be no German Grand Prix race in the 2022 season, despite the fact that they intend to hold 23 events - Photo: HB Press

Otherwise, Formula 1 is not lacking new organizers. There are also desires to race in Afriki and the Far East as it is Korea. "Just look at Zandvoort, which is already sold out for years to come,He says Sundays. In addition, for the first time on the calendar there will be a race in Miami, where full grandstands are also expected. In words Italian bo calendar of the 2022 season contained 23 dirk, of which will be one third derived in Evropi.           

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