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Fernando ALONSO: If you have the BEST race car, you can almost ALWAYS be on the STEPS

Fernando Alonso has indeed turned forty, but he says he has never been more motivated to succeed in F1, and at the same time he believes that the Alpine team still has a lot of room for improvement.

Photo: HB Press

Despite the fact that Sleep he doesn’t yet have the material to be able to rank in the top places, along with the team Alpine he is trying to change everything by next season. According to the Asturian, v season 2022 the differences between racers should be reduced in order to expand the range of racers who can qualify for the podium.

“Formula 1 has to deal with the fact that the differences between racing cars are too great. The next season can be the first important step on the way to greater equality and thus also to the greater interest of the competition, ” he says twice world champion.

The two-time world champion wants a more even championship next year. Photo: HB Press

"Right now, if you're in a competitive car, your biggest competition is primarily your teammate and not the rest of the competition, and you're 95 percent on the podium, whether you're 19 or 45," Alonso is critical of the current situation, adding: "Therefore, the task of the answers is to create a competition where the competition for the top will be as wide as possible."

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