FERRARI continues to put pressure on REVERSE STARTING order in Formula 1 sprint races

As this year's Formula 1 sprint races are in their trial period, Ferrari wants the concept of a reverse order to be considered at the start for the future.

Photo: HB Press

When it was first thought of sprint races in Formula 1, the idea of ​​o in reverse order at the start she quickly fell into the water. Ferrari he was the only top team at the time to support this idea and they still insist on it today.

two sprint races or sprint qualifiers are already behind us. The first took place in Silverstone, second c Monzi, but before the third, which is supposed to be in Brazil, valid Formula 1 actively review ways to change racing weekend format, which would include a sprint race that is expected to become in the future stand-alone event. So if Formula 1 is in favor of change, Ferrari it still stands for its idea of ​​an inverted order.

Mattia Binotto, the head of the Ferrari team, points out that already during the discussion on the introduction of sprint races, they were in favor of the reverse order at the start and they still represent this position today.

"I am very happy to hear that there are various suggestions from racers. I think a shorter race on Saturday with a reverse order at the start would be a very interesting idea,”Is Sundays said in the framework GP of Italy in Monza. “However, I think it is too early to judge and decide.“Reverse order races are common in the lower series at the time Formula 2 in Formula 3, but many have expressed concerns that this would be in Formulas 1 decreased the value of achieving success in what is considered the pinnacle of racing.

However, a lot of attention needs to be paid spectacularity events in Formula 1 and Binotto considers racing with in reverse order increase the fun value of Formula 1. "I think that would be interesting for the show and the spectacle. We have already suggested this at the beginning of the discussions on the sprint race. Because we think whatever your position is on the standings, this brings an extra spectacle, which is important for the fans. It is also important for the entertainment that Formula 1 can offer."                  

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