Thursday's training in MONACO will soon be history?

All indications are that the last great tradition of Formula 2022 could be abandoned in 1, as the abolition of Thursday's free practice in Monaco is being considered.

Photo: HB Press

Majority owner Liberty Media will be in 2022 abandoned one more tradition in Formula 1 - to mention just that Grid Girls, in the past, which has been the biggest object of outrage among fans as well as racers. Now colleagues from the portal RaceFans reported to be simple training GP Monaco next year they will no longer perform on Thursday, but just like everywhere else on Friday.

Why the first training sessions in Monaco on Thursday and not on Friday?

Leta 1929 the first race was performed GP Monaco and even then they drove on Thursday. The background lies in the fact that he was before the weekend holiday (Christ's Assumption), which always fell on Thursday, which was an ideal opportunity to open a racing weekend without stopping street traffic on a working day.

From next year onwards, the first two free practice sessions in Monaco are expected to take place just like everywhere else on Friday and no longer on Thursday, as has been the case so far - Photo: HB Press

And that’s over the years has become a tradition, which offered many advantages. As long as it is Monako coincided with the Feast of the Ascension (which has not been the case for years), this did not affect traffic during the week. Hotels they were able to replenish stocks in the meantime. In elite, who got drunk on Thursday night, was able to fall asleep in peace on Friday. Now it should Liberty Media with regard to the renewal of the contract Monaco Automobile Club persuaded to give up Thursday with free trainings and to perform them on Friday, as is the case with all other organizers. According to media reports, this is confirmed by several sources.

Also, the organizers of the race in the principality along the Cote d'Azur will in the future pay a higher fee to the majority owner of Formula 1 Liberty Media, $ 15 million - Photo: HB Press

Monaco will pay significantly more to run the race in the future

In addition, it should eliminated also a special rule that Monako as the sole organizer it does not pay the majority owner of Formula 1 classic fees to perform the race. So far, the principality has ob Cote d'Azur Formula 1 allowed that cooperates proportionately only with additional racing weekend revenue. In the future, they are expected to pay an annual flat fee of $ 15 million.              

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