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YUGO GVC Convertible sold at auction for $ 12.100

The Yugo, or, if you will, the Yugo, was once a steady star of our roads, and the specimen in the picture has garnered considerable attention on the other side of the Atlantic.

We may think of it a little differently here, but for Americans, the Yugo is one of the worst cars to ever tread the asphalt between New York and Los Angeles. That’s also why it’s an auction house auction Barrett-Jackson, on which he found himself Yugo GVC Cabrio, year 1990, attracted quite a bit of attention from car lovers.

Namely, a specimen was found at the auction, which has only 370 miles on the meter and is one of 6.359 copies, which were sold in the US in 1990, meaning that the convertibles were then sold only for a sample. It has been since 1990 Yugo it also got a more powerful 1,3-liter powertrain and a five-speed transmission.

1990 was also the beginning of the end Yug's stories in the USA. Sales dropped from 49.000 units in 1987 to more than XNUMX three years later. Stricter emission requirements and, of course, decay have also added their own Yugoslavia. In 1992, only 1.412 Yugas were sold in the United States, which was the end of the overall American story. Red Flags in Malcolm Bricklin.

Yugo GVC Cabrio

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