FORMULA 1 wants to know what the FANS want

Formula 1 and the Motorsport Network will conduct a global survey to show what fans actually want from the motorsport queen.

formula 1 in Motorsport Network they are together with the company Nielsen prepared a global survey, which is supposed to give a voice to the fans, and on this basis, Formula 1 is also supposed to prepare a strategy for the future. It's to be expected the largest survey of its kind, conducted among fans from all over the world, and together the poll will be available in fifteen languages.

"Understanding what our fans want and appreciate in Formula 1 is the best way to make strategic decisions about its future to make F1 attractive and fun," he says Elle Norman, responsible for marketing and communication in Formula 1, "With the help of the Motorsport Network, we were given the opportunity to learn these things first-hand, where we could improve."

At F1, they want to know more about what fans around the world want. - Photo: HB Press

Polls it will not only cover classic questions such as those about your favorite racer and track, but also a wide range of other topics such as monitoring method Formula 1, engaging in e-sports and wishes about the future of Formula 1. By conducting the survey, Formula 1 should gain trends and the way of perception of Formula 1 among fans and provide the data with which it wants to expand your fan base to the younger population. This is the third implementation of this global survey, which was previously conducted in 2015 and 2017.

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