Toto WOLFF wants to PREVENT the recurrence of the HAMILTON-ROSBERG situation next year

The head of the Mercedes team is convinced that both he and the team are better prepared for a possible escalation of relations between Hamilton and Russell than they were in the 2016 season.

George Russell he will replace next season Valtteria Bottas as the driver of the Mercedes team. Whatever it is British has repeatedly drawn attention to itself, the German team believes that the rookie will have to get used to the car for some time and will not be immediately equal Lewis Hamilton.

“Russell has proven that he deserves a seat on the top team and he has won it, and now we need to introduce him appropriately to a team where the pressure is at a significantly higher level than he was used to at Williams. At the same time, his teammate is an outstanding driver who has set many records, so it is important how we manage to prepare George for the new conditions, ” told the official Formula 1 website Toto wolff.

Toto Wolff is convinced they are better prepared for any friction between Hamilton and Russell than they were prepared for the dispute between Hamilton and Rosberg five years ago.

In doing so, the Austrian could not avoid a comparison with the situation Hamilton-Rosberg five years ago: "In the past, we have had situations where we did not do well. Lewis was part of it, and the team’s mistake was not anticipating where it all leads together. I think we are better prepared for everything now, despite the fact that the possibility of friction cannot be completely ruled out this time as well. ”

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