NETFLIX has expressed interest in BROADCASTING Formula 1 races

Formula 1 seems to be an increasingly important niche market for Netflix. The company’s CEO hinted that they also want live racing broadcasts.

Documentary o Michaelu Schumacherju and a documentary series Drive to Survive they are content platform viewers Netflix has aroused considerable interest, which is why the US streaming content provider is also considering purchasing rights to broadcast Formula 1 races live.

This is in an interview for Der Spiegel revealed Reed Hastings, CEO and one of the founders Netflix, who told a German newspaper: "In the future, we can imagine that the range of content related to Formula 1 could be expanded by live streams."

Still Hastings points out that in this case a lot of coordination will be needed within the company and also with regard to the viewers themselves, as Netflix it has no live sporting events in its program at this time. Hastings adds that their F1, unlike e.g. broadcasts of football matches of individual leagues, interesting mainly because it is global competition, which is not tied to an individual market.

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