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ANDRETTI before taking over SAUBER and entering FORMULA 1?

Michael Andretti is said to be interested in entering Formula 1 and, according to the media, is following the takeover of the Sauber team, which is currently operating under the name Alfa Romeo.

Photo: HB Press

Will v Formula 1 entered the next big name from American motorsport? Yes end of August we reported that Michael Andretti interested in Formula 1 and that he could enter the royal motorsport class by taking over one of the current teams. Williams, Haas and Alfa Romeo were mentioned at the time.

Colleagues from RaceFans however, they are now reporting that he is said to be a former racer Formula 1 and series champion IndyCar Michael Andretti located before taking over the team Clean, which appears under the name Alfa Romeo. Son of a Formula 1 champion Maria Andrettija supposed to take over 80 percent companies Islero Investments, who stands behind the Sauber team. The American is supposed to pay for this purpose 350 million, in order to ensure control over the companies Sauber motorsport in Sauber Engineering. Already in March this year, a new company was established Andretti Acquisition Corporation.

Michael Andretti wants to enter Formula 1 by taking over the team, and Sauber, who is currently performing under the name Alfa Romeo, has been increasingly mentioned here.

Spokesman Andrettija confirmed its interest in entering Formula 1 in September. "Racing is our passion in all its forms and never say never. If there is a chance that the name Andretti will return to Formula 1, they would do so.However, they emphasized at the time: "At that time, no chance fell into our lap and our focus remains on our seven competitive disciplines." Andretti is a big name and a real racing industry in American motorsport. Andretti Autosport is active in IndyCar, Indy lights, Formula E, Extreme E, two series categories IMSA and the Australian series supercars. And soon also in Formulas 1?

The Andretti family is a big name and industry in American motorsport, as they compete in seven different racing categories. Will the eighth join soon?

"I can't say anything about that. This is not within my jurisdiction. I am the business director and team leader. Such conversations are not conducted with me, but with shareholders. Therefore, the issue should be addressed to shareholders,”He defended himself against the question of these rumors in Turkey Frederic Vasseur, team boss Alfa Romeo. Investing in an existing team is the easiest way to Formula 1 at the moment necessary infrastructureand on the other hand you save yourself sinfully expensive ”entrance fee”In Formula 1, which amounts to 200 million and to be paid by teams re-entering the royal class of motorsport.

Frederic Vasseur, head of the Alfa Romeo team, had to defend and defend himself in Turkey against questions surrounding rumors about Andretti's takeover of Sauber. - Photo: HB Press

Around Sauberja we have heard it over and over again over the years rumors on the takeover and change of owner. In 2016, the team was bought by a Swedish investment company Longbow Finance. The Swiss team has been competing under the name in Formula 2019 since 1 Alfa Romeo, with whom they extended their cooperation a few months ago. For next year, however, they have only officially confirmed in terms of racing lineup Valtteria Bottas.                             

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