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Lando NORRIS: The new 2022 car is not driving so well

Currently, the new McLaren car for the 2022 season only exists on paper and in a simulator. Lando Norris reveals that the first impression was not exactly the best.

At that time, no one still knows how they will be new race cars Formula 1 from the summer 2022 continue to behave on the track. Because there are no ready-made race cars at the moment. However, the teams own new race cars already being tested in simulator.

And here we are Lando Norris gives interesting insights. “It is a race car that rides completely differently. In a way, it's not as beautiful as this season,”Is young British told colleagues from The background is that the new race cars are supposed to, among other things lost a lot of vacuum. This slows them down and therefore it is also less nice to drive with them. “I hope so with all the other teams. It doesn’t bring anything to think about, whether it’s beautiful or awful. You just have to do the best job and I hope we come to the winter tests next season with a good race car,”So racer McLarna.

Lando Norris has revealed that his first feeling with the new car of the 2022 season in the simulator was anything but good, as the ride with it is not as beautiful as with this year - Photo: HB Press

young British in addition, confirm that the new McLaren up to this point it exists only as draft and in the simulator. “The race car we have in the factory is not a race car at all. It’s a plan and some paper. I think it will be a few more months before we can see him - maybe until next year. The only race car we’ve seen is the one in Silverstone. But every day comes something new and different," so Norris. Testing for the 2022 season begins February next year. So enough time to improves driving feel with a new race car.            

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