The widow has finally DISSOLVED THE MYTH of Jochen RINDT

Nina Rindt spoke about her husband, who did not want to end his career as a Formula 1 racer after the end of the 1970 season, as has been the case so far.

Or is it Jochen Rindt just before his tragic death in Monzi really wanted to end his career as a Formula 1 racer or would continue in the team in 1971 Colin Chapman, crowned world champion? This is an issue that has repeatedly stirred the spirits among historians and fans who have followed the queen of motorsport.

Now the guesswork is finally over, as Rindt is a widow Nina za Servus TV said the claims about the end of Jochen’s career after the end of the 1970 season are just a myth. "Jochen wanted to keep racing," is in conversation in Hangarju 7 certificates Nina Rindt and added: “We drove to Monza - Bernie, Jochen and I. We talked about what to do… Jochen said at the time, "If I become a world champion I have to drive at least one more season to earn something." That was his plan - to drive another season or two and then retire. "

Jochen Rindt with his wife Nina at Brands Hatch in 1970.

Together with Bernie Eccleston Rindt intended to form a team, first in Formula 2 and then in Formula 1. Rindt's friend was supposed to drive for them. Helmut Marko in Emerson Fittipaldi. The irony of the whole story is that it is right Fittipaldi won the race in Watkins Glen, who posthumously enthroned Rindt as world champion.

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