ALONSO regrets collision with SCHUMACHER: “My fault”

Fernando Alonso started the Turkish GP race with great hope and anticipation, but soon everything turned upside down for the Spaniard.

Photo: HB Press

The driver of team AlpineF1 collided with Mick Schumacher, team racer Haas, for which he talked to colleagues also apologized.

He seemed to be Sleep on the way to a great result on GP of Turkey, but unfortunately this did not materialize. After it is Pierre Gasly in the first turn he collided into it, he Alonso had to drive off the track. He was able to continue the race, but had to start again from behind to get back among the points winners. But things went again wrong, but this time he was to blame himself.

After the Turkish GP race, Fernando Alonso apologized to Mick Schumacher with a gesture of a real athlete.

Alonso namely, he was too inflamed to as soon as possible overtake racers in front of him and in doing so he hit Mick Schumacher, which spun. This led to a mark-up penalty five seconds and the Spaniard eventually crossed the finish line as 16. An experienced racer knows full well that he is misjudged situation. “I think that was wrong. The overtaking attempt was late, but then we collided. Then Mick unfortunately spun around and I got a penalty. Of course, I take all the blame. I'm sorry about this collision."

For the AlipneF1 racer, everything turned upside down in the first corner when Pierre Gasly crashed into him.


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