QUARTARARO or BAGNAIA? Who will be the new MotoGP CHAMPION?

After the race for the American Grand Prix in Austin, only Fabio Quartararo and Francesco Bagnaia remained in the fight for this year's world title.

The last three races before the end of the season behind the leader French he is 52 points behind, which means he will be a racer Yamaha become world champion already in the next race if Misano leaves with at least a 50-point advantage. This may not be such an easy task, given that it is bagnaia won the first race of the year in Misano.

Quarterly he says he will approach the last Italian race this year in the same way as this year. "I'm not going to be obsessed with becoming a champion," he said. “I have a nice advantage in the championship and I don't think I need to win the title already in Misano, where Pecco was very fast in the last race. I will do my best. If we succeed, it will be great, if not, we will have another chance, so I will drive calmly. ”

Fabio Quartararo can become a world champion in Misano with a favorable outcome.

Although it is Quarterly before the race v Austin said he would drive to win, but at the race the Frenchman seemed to be avoiding a duel with the leading Marcom Marquez. “I tried, because a large group of racers was driving behind me. Jorge (Martin) tried to overtake me in the first corner, so the only solution was to drive faster. I did that too, but I was slower than Marc all weekend, especially having a lot of trouble on worn tires. But in the end, we achieved the main goal, ” he explained Quarterly, which led to the finish line in second place, before Bathroom.

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