RED BULL: HONDA will continue to manufacture engines for the 2022 SEASON in JAPAN

Team boss Red Bull, Christian Horner, confirmed that Honda, despite the official withdrawal from F1, will still take care of the power units for both teams.

In fact, it is Honda after the end of this season, officially withdraws from Formula 1, but by no means in full, as the Japanese will continue to take care of the team's drive units Red Bull in AlphaTauri. It's Thursday Red Bull confirmed at a press conference that it is extending its cooperation with a Japanese powertrain supplier.

For now, all that was known was that it would be Red Bull took over Honda's technology and manufactured the engines under its own brand Red Bull Powertrains, and after Thursday's conference we also know that they will be helped by Honda for at least another year, and at the same time some of the employees from Honda Racing Development UK moved to Red Bull Powertrains.

Honda will continue to take care of the team’s power units next season Red Bull in AlphaTauri.

At the same time, they will The Japanese they also supervised racetrack performances and produced motorcycles next season as well. "Even for the 2023 season, we will not make the parts ourselves," confirmed the matter Christian horner and added: "We will continue to receive all components from Japan, as we do not yet have production units and infrastructure that would allow us to manufacture engines."

It is true that Red Bull v Milton Keynes is building a power plant, but it will be fully adapted to the rules, which will not come into force until 2025 or 2026. At the same time, the Austrian team must finally assemble a team in charge of the production of power units. So Honda won't be completely out of it for a long time Formula 1.

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