WILLIAMS: The development of the 2022 SEASON car is going according to plan

Of the team that won nine constructors ’and seven racing championship titles, very little remains in recent years.

Development of current race cars has been completely stopped in most teams for some time now, as everyone is aware of the big changes that the 2021 season brings. focus of all the teams on the development of the race car for next season.

Even at Williams decided some time ago to stop the development of this year's car and focus all their efforts on the development of a new car that will carry the label FW44, as it is more or less clear that they can no longer be higher than eighth in the constructors' total this year, and at the same time they are not in danger of losing it.

At Williams, they believe they will be significantly more competitive next season.

It is true that it is Kimi Räikkönen in the Russian team Alfa Romeo surprisingly scored four new points, but the difference is up to Williams still a big 16 points. "There are no more innovations for this year's car, not a few more races," said the project manager Dave Robson: “We are fully focused on developing a FW44 race car for next season. For now, everything is going according to plan, we are working according to the set plan and we have no problems. "

Williams the new rules promise greater competitiveness, but v Grove they are aware that a very hard winter awaits them until then, as there is still a lot to do, and the season, which will drag on into mid-December, is very long. "We will have to be maximally disciplined, but on the other hand we almost ask our employees to take some time for themselves and their loved ones," concludes Robson.

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