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GP MEXICO, FP1: Dusty first training session for BOTTAS and MERCEDES

Valtteri Bottas got his first free practice of the Mexican GP. Mercedes racer Hermanos Rodriguez would be faster than his teammate Lewis Hamilton on the Autodromo track, Max Verstappen was third with Red Bullom.

After a year break as it was the race of the year 2020 canceled due to a coronavirus pandemic, the Formula 1 caravan again set off in Mexico, more precisely to the capital of this country Mexico City, which lies a good 2.000 meters above sea level.

Mercedes is on his first workout at Red Bull the track - as many know to say - showed its teeth and put both cars in the first two places. But it must be said that honey the first four, formed by racers Mercedesa in Red Bull Racing, very close. The first three are separated only 0,123 seconds. Perez has a good tenth more.

Lewis Hamilton was only seven hundredths of a second behind his teammate Bottas.

Start training was very unusual as a lot of racers due to very dusty trails slide into excursion zones or onto grass. Because of this, the two racers had to spend more time in their garages for the mechanics to repair their work tools, but more on that later. It is worth mentioning the poor performance of both racers McLarna, who landed at positions 14 and 15.


Valtteri Bottas it is with a soft blend of gum and time 1: 18.341 minutes provided the fastest lap. Closely behind our teammate, we are seven hundredths of a second behind Lewis Hamilton. He was a good tenth of a second behind in third place Max Verstappen. He finished fourth Sergio Perez, who was less than three tenths of a second behind, but the Mexican did not run in the first practice.

Not far away from the Mercedes duo was Max Verstappen in third place.

He finished fifth Pierre Gasly. With a good six tenths of a second behind, the Frenchman was somehow on no man's land, because the sixth Carlos Sainz he was already a good second behind. Behind the Ferrari racer was his routine compatriot Fernando Alonso, which was two tenths of a second behind. He was eighth Charles Leclerc, just a few hundredths behind Alonso, and ninth Esteban Ocon by a tenth more. He finishes ten Sebastian Vettel, which was 1,5 seconds behind.

Od eleventh place onwards however, the racers were classified as follows: Yuki tsunoda (AlphaTauri), Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo), Lance stroll (Aston Martin), Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren), Lando Norris (McLaren), Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo), George Russell (Williams), Nicholas latifi (Williams), Mick Schumacher (Haas) in Nikita mazepin (Haas).


She is on a very dusty track with little grip Charles Leclerc made two mistakes in the first minutes. At first he drove straight into the stadium, and a lap later he exited from stadium spun and collided backwards into the guardrail. With the injured hind wings he returned to the pits.

It's almost two minutes later Sergio Perez made almost same error in the same place like Leclerc, but for a little more speed. Even the hind wings Mexican he was injured, and in addition he had an injury to the suspension. And mechanics red bulls were three minutes faster than their counterparts at Ferrari, as the Mexican returned to the track 22 minutes before the end of training and the Monaco 19 minutes.

The same hood in the same place and the same injury - Leclerc and Perez

Also Hamilton he made a mistake on the dirty track, but only took it with rodeom through the grass just before the first turn. But because he didn't get back on track prescribed routes, outlined by the commissioners, will have to be defended after training. He will not go there alone, for he has also been called Raikkonen.  

Penalties of city mark-ups due to engine replacement

In addition to Yuki Tsunoda, Lance Stroll started Sunday's race from the start due to a change of engine.

It should be added in the introduction that they will Yuki tsunoda from AlphaTauri and Lance stroll from Aston Martin received a penalty influx of cities at Sunday’s race due to an engine change. The Canadian replaced the internal combustion engine, turbocharger, new MGU-H component and control unit. The Japanese will get the same as the Stroll, except that a new MGU-K component will be installed in its AlphaTauri. For both of them, this means starting from the back row. And that for sure will not be the last punishment in this racing weekend, more will be known tomorrow, so another racer will move to the start.  


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