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TEASER: RENAULT will pay tribute to the 4th anniversary of the famous KATRCE with the Air60 concept

The once very widespread and popular Renault 4 or Katrca is celebrating its XNUMXth birthday this year, which will be celebrated by the French brand.

At the end of November they will be at Renault namely, presented the concept Renault Air4, with which they will pay homage to their famous model, which they also made in v New place. For now, nothing is known about the concept itself, but Renault wrote in a press release: “The original Renault 4 was an era almost everywhere. In cities, in the countryside, even in the desert… On the occasion of the 4th anniversary, Renault joined forces with TheArsenale and prepared the RXNUMX for the future. ”

As can be seen from the trailer itself, it will modern concept imitated the shape of the original, which of course means a rounded shape, round headlights and two vertical LED daytime running lights that mimic the handles on the sides for which it was known original.

It is unknown at this time what the powertrain will be Renault used for the said concept, and it is assumed that the affair will drive on electricity and will most likely also be the spiritual predecessor of the model Renault 4ever, which is expected to be in series production soon.

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