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In 2024, LANCIA will once again sell its cars outside the borders of ITALY

Lancia is expected to introduce three new models for this purpose, including the new Ypsilon, a crossover and a compact sedan, with which the legendary Delta is likely to return.

Ever since the concerns PSA in FCA merged into Stellantis, rumors and reports about the future of the brand keep appearing spear. The once legendary brand currently sells only one model in a single market. It's an evergreen Ypsilon, which has persisted with our western neighbors in an almost unchanged form for the last decade.

In two years, everything should be different, the people in charge promise Stellantis and are announcing three new models that will make a brand that was once synonymous with wins rallies for the World Cup, again offered its cars to foreign buyers.

History of the Lancia brand

As the first man of the Lancia brand said, Luca Napolitano, will prepare three new models in the coming years, namely the successor model Ypsilon, which will be available with both an internal combustion engine and an electric drive, a new crossover and a compact sedan.

The third model seems to be a direct prediction of the successor to the legendary model Delta, with which in the late XNUMXs and early XNUMXs in WRC celebrated six world championship titles. Napolitano he revealed that they want to Launching re-positioned in the segment of prestigious cars, and heralds classic elegance and a high level of comfort and quality.


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