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FERRARI BR20: Unique FASTBACK based on the GTC4Lusso model

Ferrari BR20 was created at the request of a very special Ferrari customer, who wanted a fastback version of the model GTC4Lusso, which is basically more van (read: shooting brake) concepts. The said client is to the designers in Maranellu among other things, orders to include one or two stylistic features in the design Ferrari icons from the past. In doing so, special attention was paid to the coupes from the 1950s and 1960s.

Ferrari BR20 with its sleek fastback silhouette mimics models such as 410 SA in 500 Superfast, powered by V-shaped twelve-cylinder engines. In total, it is 76 millimeters longer than the model GTC4Lusso, which is especially visible at the rear, where the car had to be extended to get the desired shape. there are also some changes to the front, just mention the different headlights, which are mounted slightly lower, and the radiator grille, and the 20-inch wheels are also new.

Gentlemen from Ferrari 's division for special wishes they also changed the interior accordingly, with new seats and plenty carbon. The second row of seats has been removed, so there is now significantly more luggage space despite the altered shape of the rear.

As regards technical specifications, at Ferrari in such cases, they are very reluctant to provide accurate information. All that is known is that BR20 based on the model GTC4Lusso, which means an atmospheric V12 in the nose and all-wheel drive.

Ferrari BR20

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