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MAZDA CX-50 for AMERICAN adventurers

Mazda has introduced to the public a newcomer with the designation CX-50, which is basically more off-road in nature than its sister model CX-5.

Mazda CX-50 By its very appearance, it makes it clear that unpaved roads are the terrain that is also pleasant, but nevertheless, the Japanese brand ensures that best found on asphalt. The novelty will otherwise be produced in Mazda and Toyota's joint factory in Huntsville in the US state of Alabama.

This new model will basically be intended for the American market, as it is not planned to sell it on European markets at the moment. Accordingly, a 2,5-liter gasoline forced-injection was placed under the hood Skyactiv-G a capable drive machine 186 kW (254 HP) maximum power and 434 Nm of maximum torque.

As befits a robust SUV, Mazda CX-50 it has four-wheel drive as standard Activ server Intelligent Drive Select, which adapts to the driving mode and, in the event of towing a trailer, adjusts the gear ratios to take account of the additional weight of the trailer. Such tuning should, among other things, be able to prevent the trailer from swinging while driving.

Nova Mazda CX-50 it is expected to be available to US buyers early next year, and the model is expected to be available to European customers CX-60 in CX-80, which will also go on sale at Mazda next year.

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