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Danilo PETRUCCI will perform with KTM at RALLY DAKAR

After the final of the MotoGP championship season, Danilo Petrucci exchanged his KTM RC16 for the KTM 450 rally and realized his childhood dream by participating in the Dakar 2022.

Danilo Petrucci will perform at the legendary in January Dakarju, reported from the team camp KTM. Performing in the endurance rally was a long-standing wish of the Italian racer, who is already waiting for the finals of the season in the royal class of MotoGP, when he will Petrucci drove the last race of the year.

Immediately after that, he will start preparing for Dakar Rally. “For me, this will make a dream come true. Ever since I was a child, when I watched the Dakar Rally from the 80s and 90s, I always wanted to take part in this event, ” is excited about it all together Petrucci: "Now, thanks to KTM, my dreams are actually coming true."

“First of all, I would like to thank KTM for this exceptional opportunity. I think I will be the only racer who will compete in the MotoGP and Dakar races in a month's time, ” explains the two - time race winner in MotoGP.

Danilo Petrucci will compete in the Dakar endurance rally a month after the end of the season in MotoGP.

"My main goal is to finish the race and enjoy it," he said Petrucci. “The first contact with the new way of racing was training with Jordi Viladoms. He competed many times in the race and also finished on the podium, so he really helped me learn this, a completely new art for me. ”

For training Petrucci it doesn’t exactly have much time, as the Dakar starts as early as January 1st. He has about 8 kilometers to go to the finish line. “I have a month to prepare for this challenge to the maximum. I know it will be difficult, but I'm already looking forward to it, " he concluded Danilo Petrucci.

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