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BOTTAS reveals why he was slower: “I had a different race car than HAMILTON”

Valtteri Bottas did not have the best racing weekend in Qatar. In qualifying, he was significantly slower than teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Photo: HB Press

He also struggled in the race to catch the rhythm. Finn he eventually had to resign due to the unexpected tire damage and so he left Qatar without a point scored.

Po qualifications he was surprised at his speed. Friday was faster than Hamilton on both workouts, but over the course third training and qualifying his speed suddenly lost. Because the Finn was more than more than his teammate half a second. Bottas where Finnish website Ilta Sanoma revealed the cause of his poorer speed. “I found the reason, but I can't tell you the details. My race car wasn’t exactly the same as Friday’s and not exactly the same as Lewis’s. There were some differences between the two race cars."

Valtteri Bottas revealed why he was so much slower than Hamilton on Saturday and Sunday after being even faster on Friday. He had a different race car than his teammate - Photo: HB Press

Mercedes then v design championship leads by five points before Red Bullom. "We are doing well, we must continue to persevere." Bottas said the team has found new ways to drive through quick turns on the racetrack. “We learned a lot and we were able to better set up our race car for these racetracks. This has worked well and I hope it will continue to do so in Saudi Arabia."

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