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HORNER replies to HILL, "If I think you're an ass, I'll tell you"

In response to Damon Hill, who was criticized in Qatar, Christian Horner said he is only direct and will tell people exactly what he thinks.

Photo: HB Press

Team boss Red Bull he was often in striking consciences this year because of his own direct comments, especially to his colleague at Mercedes Tota Wolffa and his team.

He also had v Qatar problems with FIA Commissionerswhen, according to the ombudsmen insulted the marshal along the path waving the yellow flag that makes it Max Verstappen received a five-seat mark-up penalty in Sunday’s race. But at Red Bullu he was not the only one with comments as he is Helmut Marko said the race management imposed penalties to cover up their own problems. However Horner denies that emotions are the principles of him and his team. “I think we manage our emotions very well. I didn't show or curse in front of the camera and all that stuff,”Is Horner replied Hill for Sky Sports F1 and in doing so linked to Wolff.

Damon Hill in Qatar was critical of Christian Horner and his direct behavior, the head of the team Red Bull but he returned it in his own way.

Hill he didn’t exactly agree with that, as he did to the boss Red Bull Racing said it was pretty much this year struck and direct. Horner he replied that he was just telling it the way it was. “I am direct and I tell you what I think. If I think you're an ass, I'll tell you you're an ass,Was his answer Hill. "Look, I talked to the FIA ​​and apologized. I had no intention of offending anyone, and my frustration was not directed at the individual marshal, but at the situation itself.“Overall, he doesn’t regret how he behaved in this year’s championship and says he would do the same again.

"No, I'm not sorry at all. I believe in my team. I'm direct and I've always behaved like that,He told reporters. “I’m not an overly emotional person, I don’t tarnish in front of the cameras. I don’t think I have any problems with the way I behaved and I would continue to do exactly the same.“He may not think he did anything wrong, but he does Toto wolff says he has been critical of marshals in Qatar with his criticism "navihan".                       

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