TOP aerodynamic Mercedes ERIC BLANDIN is leaving for ASTON MARTIN!

Eric Blandin, head of aerodynamics at Mercedes, is said to have moved to the Aston Martin team, leading to a dispute between Toto Wolff and Lawrence Stroll, according to media reports.

Mercedes the top expert is expected to leave the current world champions, where he served for more than ten years. This is supposed to be colleagues from learn from a reliable source in the Formula 1 paddock.

Did Wolff and Stroll quarrel over Blandin?

Blandin he is expected to announce his departure from his current employer in the summer. And this is supposed to lead to a dispute between Toto Wolffom, the boss and co - owner of the Mercedes team, and Lawrence Stroll, to the owners of the Aston Martin team. Both men have been around for years good friend, but should Wolff refused to Stroll senior does business with Blandin. It would be for Mercedes departure of Blandin great loss. Blandin is expected to start working at Aston Martin at the end of 2022, and Mercedes is leaving with immediate effect.

Eric Blandin is the next big reinforcement of Aston Martin, but due to his departure from Mercedes, there is supposed to be a dispute between friends Toto Wolff and Lawrence Stroll.

Blandin has long been active in Formula 1 as an expert on aerodynamics. He started his career years ago 2002 in the team Jaguar and then from the year 2005 spent almost five years on the team Red Bull. January of the year 2010 started working in a team Ferrari, and then he did Mercedes only after a year and a half lured into their ranks. Blandin he has been working for the silver arrow team for ten years, but after the end of this season, the Briton will leave Brackley. At Aston Martin, he will be one of the leading men who will have to make sure that v aerodynamic sense finds a connection to Mercedes and Red Bullom.

Aston Martin has officially confirmed the arrival of Blandin

However, after an initial reservation, Aston Martin later confirmed that Blandin would be coming to them next year and that his arrival from Mercedes would be friendly. - Photo: HB Press

Colleagues from offered both Mercedes and Aston Martin a chance to respond to the upcoming move Blandina, but neither team responded at first. But later they are at Aston Martin however, they officially confirmed that Blandi was indeed coming to them. Team spokesperson Aston Martin to this end, he said: "We can confirm that Eric Blandin will start working for the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team next year. Its exact start date has not yet been confirmed. The transition from the Mercedes AMG F1 team to us will be friendly."  

Blandin it’s not the only big acquisition Aston Martin. Earlier this season, it was announced that the team will be joined by two experts from Red Bull Racing. That's what Andrew Martin in Dan Fallows, an expert in aerodynamics. Apparently, the team wants to take a big step forward in aerodynamics with a new plant in Silverstone.                     

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