Hymns to Fernando ALONS: THE CHAMPION is back!

With third place in Qatar, Fernando Alonso once again drew attention to himself and let it be known that, despite his forties, he is not yet to be written off.

Fernando Alonso - Photo: HB Press

Fernando Alonso took the podium again in Qatar for the first time in seven years. Alain Prost, four-time world champion and Alpine team consultant, is thrilled with last weekend’s (team) result. He was particularly impressed by the Spanish veteran.

“The review he has of the race is amazing. Just like his sense of tires, how he understands the car and how he helps engineers with his advice, ” is for a Spanish officer Brand said Cheers. Alonso eventually managed to beat Sergio Pereza for a place on the podium with a single stop in the pits.

For the sporting director of Formula 1, Rossa Brawna, Fernando Alonso was in any case the driver of the day in Qatar. With the third place, the Spaniard showed that at the age of forty he can still compete with the younger ones. "It's nice to see him on the podium," it says Brawn in his column on

Fernando Alonso drove an outstanding race in Qatar with one stop in the pits. In the end, he had good reasons for satisfaction.

“I think we all want Fernando to be with us for a while longer. He deserved to be here, no doubt. It's great for sports, great for the fans, great for everyone, ” he says Brawn, who is clearly in favor of the Spanish racer: "I've always been angry that someone with that kind of talent has only become a world champion twice."

We doubt he was Brawn of the same opinion sixteen years ago, who is as Technical Director Ferrari, together with Michael Schumacher, had to admit defeat right against Alonso v Renault.

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