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Official: KUBICA also in 2022 spare racer ALFE ROMEO

Thanks to his Polish sponsor PKN Orlen, Robert Kubica will continue to work as a reserve and development racer for the Alfa Romeo team in the 2022 season.

Photo: HB Press

In the team Alfa Romeo a lot will change for the 2022 season. Swiss team from Hinwila will perform with a completely changed racing lineup.

Because Valtteri Bottas will replace a compatriot Chemistry Raikkonen, retiring, Chinese Guanyu Zhou however, he will take the seat Antonia Giovinazzija. But one racer still stays on the team and that’s it Robert Kubica. In addition to the aforementioned changes, the role of Sauber’s talent, the young, will also increase Thea Pourchairea. The young Frenchman impressed in the championship this year Formula 2, where he has already won two races and is currently in fifth place in the championship.

PKN Orlen, a Polish oil company, has extended its contract with the Alfa Romeo team, which means that Robert Kubica will continue to be the reserve racer of the Swiss team in 2022.

He will attack next year Formula 2 title, but he is also promised a possible role reserve racer Alfe Romeo. He will continue to play this role Robert Kubica, because the sponsor PKN Orlen has extended his contract with the team Frederic Vasseur, which means that based on this Kubica remains on the Alfa Romeo team.        

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