Antonio GIOVINAZZI is quite “CONFUSED” behind the wheel of a FORMULA E car

Antonio Giovinazzi explains that the transition from Formula 1 to Formula E is causing him problems, and an additional aggravating circumstance is that he will have virtually no opportunity to sit in a Formula E race car until the start of the season.

Within Formula E testing, which are taking place at the racetrack this week Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, is Antonio Giovinazzi on Monday brought the first laps in the race car of the said electric series. The Italian signed a contract with the team a few days ago Dragon Penske for the 2022 season, and this week he had the first opportunity to sit behind the wheel of his new company car.

During lunch break last Tuesday Giovinazzi summarized first impressions: “This is a completely different category of racing. I've driven a lot of racing cars, from GT to LMP2 cars and Formula 1 cars, but this car is very different. ”

Antonio Giovinazzi will play for the Dragon Pen team in the Formula E series next season.

"I was really a bit confused and I had to learn a lot of things first," he said. he said Giovinazzi and looked back and explained what the biggest problem is with the transition to the new series: "The main problem for me is braking. In F1, you can brake very aggressively because the car has an incredible amount of pressure on the ground. That's not here. "

Because of his racing obligations in Formulas 1 there will be no time left until the end of the season to get used to Formula E, the Italian will try to spend as much time as possible in the factory in December and January and get used to the new environment using a simulator, which in his opinion is not exactly ideal, but is currently the only way to improve his understanding of the Formula E car, he adds. Giovinazzi..

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