RNF Yamaha chief: Cooperation with ROSSI was a mistake

Razlan Razali, head of the RNF Yamaha team, said he made a mistake when he put Valentino Rossi on one of his motorcycles.

razlan razali, the head of the RNF Yamaha team, said he made a mistake when he got on one of his motorcycles Valentina Rossi.

The team was named by the end of the season Petronas SRT, And Rossi is with her in his final season of racing MotoGP also recorded the worst season of his career, as he did not finish a single race on the podium. Razali he admitted that he doubted his cooperation with the nine-time world champion when the legendary racer failed to constantly compete for the top places in 2020. “To be fair, I shouldn’t have signed a contract with Valentine. I was skeptical until he managed to get to third place in the second race in Jerez, behind Fabio and Vinales. I told myself he might be able to. "

Razlan Razali called the collaboration with Valentino Rossi a mistake.

Rossi he then contracted the Covid virus19. “Then the results got worse, but it was already decided at that time. Valentino was under a lot of pressure. The young racers were faster, although he drove faster lap times than in the past. But that was not enough. He wanted success, his heart and mind were ready, but his body did not follow his ambitions,He added Razali, who also regrets that he did not grab the contract with Petronas.

"I should have accepted Petronas' offer in June this year, but I wanted to negotiate more money. " Petronas, a Malaysian oil company, has announced its withdrawal from motorcycle championships, Razalijevo the team will be with Andreo Doviziosom in Darryn Binder, performed under the auspices WithU.

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