Aleksej POPOV is very afraid of SUPER DOMINANCE in the 2022 season

The popular Russian Formula 1 racing commentator admits that he is very afraid of the fact that the sport is now entering a completely new era in 2022.

Because it is an epic battle for the season champion title 2021 now completed, all attention is already focused on next yearwhen they come new race cars with a whole new philosophy of design in order to create better and tighter race.

"I am very much afraid of the first year of these new rules,”Is for Championat said Alexey Popov, a Formula 1 commentator on Russian television TV match. "People expect a lot because Ross Brawn came up with this ‘ground effect’. But I’ve experienced a lot of rule changes in my life and every time it happens that instead of a hard fight one person gets a certain thing in the gray zone of the policy and is a second and more ahead. That’s when the whole season turns into everyone else painfully trying to close the gap," so Popov.

Russian Formula 1 commentator Alexei Popov fears that the new rules of the season will bring dominance to one team, as was the case in 2009 with the BrawnGP team.

And in the opposite with an incredibly close battle this season, he thinks it will be difficult for many fans to break down all greater pain due to the rules of the year 2022. "This year we got used to several fights, two teams for first place, two for third and two for fifth place. I really don’t want anyone to master Brawn’s ground effect much better than others. Unfortunately, my prediction is disappointing. I’m afraid we’ll see some sort of super dominance of one team again."

Helmut Marko, the team 's chief consultant Red Bull, however, looks less concerned, as it is for Italian colleagues from Journal of Sport said: “I think 2022 will still be a duel between us and Mercedes."          

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