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BENTLEY Coupé By Mulliner: It doesn't go EXCLUSIVE

Bentley’s in-house bodybuilder Mulliner promises a spectacular coupe next year that will be powered by a 660-horsepower W12 and will cost $ 2,3 million.

It has been said for some time that Bentley with the help of its special wishes department Mulliner work on another ultra-luxury modelbased on the open Bacalarju. A total of 12 specimens are expected to be produced. According to a new magazine report Coach however, the upcoming two-door coupe will be slightly less exclusive. This time, production could be increased to 25 models.

The new car is supposed to be from the model Bacalar distinguished by a solid roof. In addition, the design features of the study should be included in the design EXP 100 GT from 2019. The design of the new car is supposed to be a kind of window into the future of the new Bentley models without internal combustion engine.

The new model should be modeled on the Bentley EXP 100 GT study.

If the report is to be believed, the front will become more aggressive, more angular and with a new approach to the design of the traditional mask. All this is accompanied by thin LED headlights.

He will be responsible for the appearance Andrew Mindt, the man responsible for the model, among other things Hunaudieres, which was presented in 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show. The study at the time never came into series production, but it actually played a decisive role in the design Bugattija Veyron.

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