AUDI and PORSCHE ready to enter FORMULA 1 with McLaren and Red Bull

Perhaps good news for the Audi and Porsche brands, as the entry of the Volkswagen Group is supposed to be decided, so to speak.

Photo: F1-Insider

This is what the British colleagues of the website report CarMagazine. Both car brands Volkswagen Group they just have to wait for confirmation supervisory board VW Group.

This is supposed to be for Audi in Porsche the path is open to years 2026 join the royal class of motorsport. Audi would work with the team McLaren, on the other hand Porsche focused on Red Bull. There would be a scenario where I would Audi / McLaren in Porsche /Red Bull combined to compete against in the coming age Ferrari in Mercedes.

Audi will supply engines to the McLaren team in 2026, where they will also take over the motorsport and car production department, as the British media know. - Photo: HB Press

Audi bi v Wokingu also took over the department for motorsport and the automotive part McLarna. According to colleagues from CarMagazine lawyers on both sides are already discussing the details. The biggest McLarn shareholder he is even said to be ready to sell his entire stake in the Formula 1 team and car production.

From 2026 onwards, Porsche is expected to work with Red Bullom and possibly also took over their engine department, which at the time hears the name Red Bull Powertrains. - Photo: HB Press

According to website sources CarMagazine, they will be like that Audi feces Porsche in Formula 1 became engine supplier. Audi would then supply its engines to the team McLaren (or himself if he takes over), and Porsche is reportedly working on a deal with Red Bullom. When the term of s Hondo, Porsche could take over the engine department of the team, which at the time hears the name Red Bull Powertrains.

If the McLaren and Red Bull would not be ready to cooperate, the Volkswagen Group has a plan B ready and this is located with the teams in the second half of the Formula 1 field. Thus, Audi would cooperate with Williams and Porsche with AlphaTauri or even Haas - Photo: HB Press

If these teams do not want to work with Audience in Porsche, have in the concern Volkswagen also plan B. And what's that name? Audi in that case he was to cooperate with Williams, at Porsche however, they could “tackle” the team Alpha Tauri (in case he refuses to participate Red Bull, it will be difficult to get their other team on their side) or even teams Haas.

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