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Marcin BUDKOWSKI leaves ALPINE - is Otmar SZAFNAUER coming?

Marcin Budkowski left the Alpine team. The French also officially confirmed his departure. Budkowski, along with Laurent Rossi and Davide Brivio, formed the leadership of the French team.

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Tasks of the outgoing Budkowski will temporarily take over Rossi, which will allow the team to continue to focus on preparations for the important 2022 season, when new rules come into force.

Otmar Szafnauer however, he recently left the team Aston Martin and the American of Romanian roots has been linked by rumors for some time now with the team Alpine. And with the official confirmation of departure Budkowski, many can already add up one plus one, because the way to the former boss Aston Martin it is now wide open. In the team's official press release, it is Budkowski said he enjoyed his time at Alpine.

"I really enjoyed being part of the Renault management team, which was renamed the Alpine F1 Team. I was able to work with such a talented and dedicated group of people. I will be happy to follow the team's progress in the coming seasons," so Budkowski.

Laurent Rossi thanked Budkowski for four years of loyalty, and the team is now focusing on the new 2022 race car and perhaps the arrival of Otmar Szafnauer.

He also responded to his departure Rossi. "I would like to thank Marcin for his commitment and contribution to the team’s results over the last four years. The team is fully focused on preparing the race car for the first race in Bahrain and on taking a step forward in performance."


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