30 race cars as an opportunity for FORMULA 1: “Let the local racers be tested”

Only 1 drivers in a race can compete in Formula One all these years. Because of this, a lot of talent is out of options. Peter Windsor believes that there could be 20 participants in the races and an additional ten would be taken by local heroes.

On his own YouTube the channel is Formula 1 journalist answered a number of questions in an interview. Among other things, he was asked for opinion on the statementto be necessary in view young talent increase the field of individual racers to 30.

In doing so, she did questioner engaged both in attracting the so-called SIM racers, newcomers in women, as well as by conservation older racerssuch as Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton in Sebastian Vettel. Windsor responded positively to the idea, adding why not. He explains that he can only be at the start 20 racers, because only two are allowed per team. According to analytics this rule still stems from how people in Formula 1 thought in 80s. At the time, the nobles of the royal class of motorsport and the organizers wanted to deliberately preserve it exclusivity of this sport.

Peter Windsor supports the idea that Formula 1 could use 30 cars at races that allow it, where local talent would get a chance.

"I think we're still living in this age,”He says Windsor. "For no reason. Why shouldn't we allow any team that would want a third local racer to compete in certain races." British he sees a particularly good advertisement for sports in this idea. En example scenario, which he himself cites, is that he could Mercedes v Miami used a third race car in which to sit Logan sargeant.

For example, Windsor cites a scenario that Mercedes in Miami could put a third car behind American Logan Sargeant, who sat in a Williams car at a test of young racers last December in Abu Dhabi - Photo: HB Press

Windsor believes it could be on current tracks 30 racing cars competed around the world without any problems. Only racetracks, especially street ones, such as Monako, would not be suitable for this idea. The reason that this is not yet being implemented, however, according to Windsor lies in the mindset of current teams. “They may say they want it, but they don’t really want it at all. They don't feel like new teams, which makes the pieces of cake thinner,”Concludes the Briton, referring to distribution of money from a common Formula 1 remuneration pot.                                                                        

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