MERCEDES has demanded radical changes from the FIA ​​after the end of the SEASON

It is still not officially known whether Lewis Hamilton will continue to compete in F1 next season, but it is rumored that Mercedes has addressed a whole bunch of requests for change to the FIA.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) - Photo: HB Press

It seemed to be Hamilton last year on his way to his eighth Abu Dhabi World Cup title, but overtook him in the final round Max Verstappen. The driver Mercedesa he claimed that the FIA ​​did not follow the rules of the race and angrily left the racetrack, and since then there has been silence that has not been broken to this day.

Behind the scenes, the FIA ​​has already contacted Hamilton, but the latter has not yet publicly stated whether he will continue his career as a Formula 1 racer. According to several British media, the FIA ​​has reached an agreement with Mercedes at the end of the season. One of the changes it brings is that Nicolas Tombazis, in charge of technical matters at the FIA, is leaving.

At the end of the season, Mercedes put pressure on the FIA. The first victim was Nikolas Tombazis, Michael Masi remains in his post for now. - Photo: HB Press

Also the race director Michael Massi he should be concerned about his job. The German racing team wants that too Australian he would no longer sit in his place, but for now there seem to be few people who could take on his role. By the way, at Mercedes officially deny that on FIA filed any claims.

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