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The new ASTON MARTIN of the 2022 season will be shown on FEBRUARY 10

Aston Martin is the first team to announce the exact launch date of the new 2022 race car. The team of Sebastian Vettl and Lance Stroll will show the AMR22 race car to the public on Thursday, February 10th.

Photo: Aston Martin

Season Formula 1 2022 will begin with the first winter testing in Barceloni that begin February 23th. But before the winter test fans had a chance to see what they look like new race cars relics.

Although the teams will not betray so early great secrets, however, this will be an opportunity for fans to see external images new race cars. After all, race cars will show because of the new rules completely different appearance.

Aston Martin is the first team to publish the exact date of the presentation new car AMR22, and the British will do so before Ferrari, which in terms of presentation of its red goddesses has already indicated when it will see the light of day. This is supposed to happen during 16 and 18 February, the exact date has not yet been confirmed.                                                                     

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