Zak BROWN: You can expect the UNIQUE appearance of our RACER this year as well

McLaren boss Zak Brown wants the team to continue to use the occasional unique looks of the race cars, as they received a lot of praise from fans last year.

McLaren is throughout the racing weekend in Monaco z Daniel Ricciard in Land Norris racing with a very special exterior of the car. They abandoned their classic papaya-orange combination and used the brand’s orange and blue color Gulf oil.

The team also changed colors in the last race of the season Abu Dhabi. There, they took the colors of the Anglo-American tobacco manufacturer as inspiration Vuse. While different exteriors of race cars are common in championships like IndyCar, primarily due to sponsorship commitments, most F1 teams tend to design the same throughout the season.

McLaren used retro colors sponsored by Gulf Oil in Monaco, which was extremely well received by fans.

General Manager McLaren Racing, Zak Brown, believes that the occasional use of unique images of the exterior of the car is important and a nice revival for the championship. "I think we have to do this on a very limited basis, as we did to find the right balance," je Brown answered a question about plans for future one-offs "Livery".

 “We want to preserve our identity and make special colors really special. And if we do this all the time, we will lose the charm of the specialty. From time to time, they can be very good advertising for our sponsors and also for our team, ” he added Zak Brown.

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