DAKAR 2023, Stage 2: AL-ATTIYAH fastest, LOEB with a big DELAY

The Qatari, otherwise last year's winner, was only 430 seconds faster than the Dutch Erik van Loon after the 14 km speed test.

Already after two stages at the Dakar Rally 2023, again in Saudi Arabia, a classic duel of recent years is in store. Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota) achieved its first stage victory of the year yesterday. He now has a total of Carlos Sainz (Audi) two minutes ahead of Al-Attiyah. Sebastien Loeb (BRX) is already an hour and 21 minutes behind after a hard day and many problems on the way.

After the participants of the rally spent the past few days in Sea Camp by the Red Sea, they went inland to the place on Monday Al'Ula. They had to drive 590 kilometers, of which time was measured on 431 kilometers.

Sebastien Loeb (BRX) had a lot of problems in the 2nd speed test and was therefore an hour and a half behind.

"The day was anything but easy, as there were many stones on the way. Navigation wasn't easy either. I am very happy that I completed the stage well. At the beginning we had a flat tire, but then I drove more carefully on the rocky sections. I was then able to attack in the sand as well," he said after the end of the stage Al Attiyah.

He is among motorcyclists Mason Klein finished the stage one minute and nine seconds ahead of the German Sebastian Bühler, the American was four seconds behind in third place Skyler howes. Klein is ahead of the Australian in the overall standings Toby Price  a minute and 41 seconds ahead, third Joan Barreda Bort and Spain is 2 minutes and 3 seconds behind.

Toni Mulec finished in 72nd place, one hour and forty minutes behind Klein, dropping from 34th overall to 51st. He is now 2 hours 11 minutes and 44 seconds behind the leader. Korošec had a lot of problems on the way, as his engine overheated due to a cracked radiator. It was better Simon Marčič, which rose from 72nd place to 61st place.

447 kilometers from Al'Ula do Hai'la.

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