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If you stay overnight at the Fuji Speedway Hotel, a test drive of the Toyota Supra is included in the price

Guests staying at the hotel fuji speedway in Japan, can get behind the wheel thanks to a partnership between the car company and the world-famous race track Toyota Supra.

Hotel management has announced that those staying in a suite or villa can hit the local roads for one hour between January 15, 2024 and June 30, 2024 with one of of two Supra models. One of these models is equipped with a standard 8-speed automatic transmission and is a one-off that the hotel produced in collaboration with the company Tom's Racing. The company states that the car has been customized, but did not say what modifications it received.

Second Supra, which is available, is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. Both cars are equipped with the latest powerful Michelin tires, and five one-hour test drives will be conducted every day between 8.00:17.00 a.m. and XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. Although drivers will not be able to go to the racetrack itself, there are many beautiful roads to drive in the surrounding area.

In addition, there will be a racetrack fuji speedway between January 21 and 22 also hosted a special Supra winter festival. Participants will not only be able to test drive the current A90 Supra generation, but will also have the opportunity to drive it Celico XX 2000GT 1985, Supro 2.5GT Twin Turbo Aerotop from 1991 and Supra A80. Test drivers will only be allowed to drive for 30 minutes at this event.

Those who are not planning a trip to Japan next year can in the world Toyota Supra they still expect a lot of interesting things. The automaker is not only intensively developing a version that will be more focused on racetracks, and it may named GRMN, but apparently also started work on the next generation of the model, which could go on sale as early as 2025. According to the latest information, it will Toyota new Supra initially sold with an internal combustion engine, but will later expand the range to include a battery-electric version.

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