Ford announces new Ranger Raptor for Dakar 2025

The new rally car is described as "the embodiment of the Raptor spirit".

Ford Performance he might be busy competing in a rally Dakar 2024 in Saudi Arabia, but that doesn't stop them from presenting their next-generation rally car based on the aforementioned pick-up. It is specially designed for this endurance race Raptor will be ready for the toughest field competition in the world, which will take place in January next year.

A sneak peek of the car was revealed during last night's event Ford Performance Season Launch. The C-shaped LEDs and elongated radiator grille are not shared with any of the production models Raptor (Ranger, F-150 and Bronco). However, previous reports confirmed that the SUV will be based on the new Ranger Raptor model. In any case, he will have the new Raptor a customized body and chassis setup that will be designed to cope with the harsh conditions of the Dakar Rally, just like the company's current Dakar fighter, Ranger T1+.

Just like the existing one Ford Ranger T1+ the new Raptor will also be created in cooperation with a long-standing partner M-Sport and will compete in the T1+ class. Ford hasn't released the specs, so we don't know if the newcomer will inherit 3,5-liter EcoBoost engine from its predecessor.

Racer Loren Healy, who attended the launch event said: “This is the perfect Raptor that takes the F-150 and the Ranger Raptor package to the next level. The power, shocks, wheels and ground clearance to tackle the toughest terrain on Earth. It truly embodies the spirit of the Raptor. Wild, strong, capable and fiery.”

The company Ford Performance has made it clear that the goal of her appearance at the 2024 Dakar Rally is to gather experience, not victory. Next year will be different as the team will have a new weapon at their disposal. You can watch the full presentation on YouTube above. The part where they talk about the Dakar Rally starts at 35:11, followed by a newbie trailer.

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