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Pagani Huayra R Evo with 12 HP V900 and removable roof

The open configuration of this super sports car increases the pressure by as much as five percent.

Pagani presented a new supercar on Thursday Huayra R Evo, a new, even wilder version of the model Huayra, which was launched in 2021. Pagani improved the model several times and gave it folding roof panels that improve the aerodynamic downforce of the car when removed.

5,18 meters the long vehicle has an updated version 6,0 liter V12 engine with natural filling from the model Huayra R, V12 R-Evo. This one produces 900 BAM (662 kW) at 8.750 rpm and offers maximum torque 770 Nm, which is available from 5.800 to 8.200 rpm. Huayra R Evo was developed to provide maximum performance on the racetrack up to the redline at 9.200 rpm per minute. This goal is the engineers at HWA AG and achieved to Pagani by increasing performance and other key components such as intake manifold with a new pipe design and a new camshaft to optimize the sensitive intake process.

With this super sports car, which has 900 hp, you can drive even with the wind in your hair.

Six-speed the sequential gearbox that it is Pagani developed in cooperation with the company HWA AG for its Huayra racing cars, it is located between the engine and the rear wheels. The non-synchronized dog ring gearbox weighs only 80 kilograms. The necessary comfort is provided by the suspension with a forged double wishbone aluminum alloys, coil springs and electronically controlled shock absorbers. New shock absorber further improves driving characteristics. The car reaches maximum speed 350 km/h and is equipped with tires Pirelli P Zero slick dimensions 280 / 680 R19 front and 345 / 725 R20 behind. Braking power is provided by new ones CCM-R carbon ceramic brakes with automatic ventilation and customized racing linings.

He is a pagan Huayro R Evo processed with "Codalunga” (long tail) and lengthened the front splitter in which they are installed by about five centimeters channels for cooling systems. The rear is also longer by about 7,5 centimeters, with a new central one stabilization fin, which supports the large rear wing along the integrated struts. Due to the changed design, the pressure increased by 45 percent, and the open roof increases the total pressure by 5 percent due to the greater vertical load at the front and rear. At speed 320 km/h Huayra R Evo produces more downforce than its total mass. Weights 1.060 kg, which is about as much as Mazda MX-5.

V inside are seats that Pagani overlaps with fireproof materials, equipped with six-point seat belts and carbon fiber headrests with special side protection. Pagani can configure the vehicle with left or right side drive. Horacio Pagani he got the idea for the open-top Evo while watching a formula race Indy in Nashville. To complete the car that would after In Pagani's words could reach the performance of today's racing cars Le Mans Prototype 2, took about two years. We hope it will be something happy owners proved this claim with his car.

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