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Seres 5, 7 and 9: Luxury SUVs to be launched worldwide

The Chinese manufacturer plans to export 50.000 vehicles this year

Chinese manufacturer Seres it is said to have been active in Germany since 2020, but little or nothing has been seen. The company is obviously responsible for the import Let's go, which is also called "Seres Germany". Lesser known dealers such as DFSK Vosges, EU-Mayer, Car Union in Brugger-Henning, also offer the first beings 3. However, the brand has not yet appeared in German registration statistics.

Seres however, he just handed over his first car to a European customer June 2023. In the future, the company wants to have a stronger presence on world market. The company has now announced its expansion goals. Until end of 2024 wants to export approx 50.000 vehicles abroad, in three years to increase them to 200.000 and up to the year 2030 export half a million vehicles. By 2030, the company wants Seres become one of ten of the biggest luxury brands. Seres is currently present in approx 20 countries, and another 2024 to 30 markets are expected to be added by 40. Company Seres wants to first strengthen its local sales and service network. For this purpose, he wants to establish abroad own sales office companies and even set up production facilities.

Seres 5 will get larger and more powerful relatives Seres 7 and Seres 9 in Europe

The manufacturer that was founded in 2016, focuses on luxury SUVs with a lot of technology, especially on models beings 5, beings 7 in beings 9, which he plans to "launch worldwide". These are battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and vehicles with to the range extender concept. We have already introduced Seres 5; The 4,71 meter long Tesla Model Y rival has up to 430 kW of power and a range of up to 530 km. With version s range extenders even up to 1455 kilometers is possible, although according to the less demanding Chinese CLTC standard.

beings 7

The brand is in the fall 2023 presented the model at the IAA fair beings 7, which is apparently the same as the Chinese model Aito M7. According to the portal CneVPost a case of 5,02 meters debt and 1,78 meters tall luxury SUV. The Chinese model is powered by two drives to extend the range: the rear-wheel drive model combines 90 kW turbine gasoline engine in 200 kW electric motor, and the all-wheel drive version also has a 130 kW front engine, which increases the system output to 330 kW. There is also a choice between five- and six-seater version. Technical equipment includes electrically operated doors, stairs and sunshades. Battery with capacity 40 kWh it provides a purely electric range of 195 or so 165 kilometers according to the WLTP standard.

Finally, the model beings 9, which is also shown in our cover image, is flagship of the brand. The SUV, which was introduced only in December 2023 as Aito M9, is also the latest model and s 5,23 meters length and 1,80 meters height is also the largest. In China, the vehicle is available as a BEV and as a range extender. Aito M9 BEV driven by two electric motors s 160 kW front and 230 kW behind, and from 0 to 100 km/h it accelerates v 4,3 seconds. A 100 kWh battery provides range, according to CLTC 630 km, but it is based on 800-volt company platform Huawei – the mobile phone manufacturer is together with the company Seres founded the Aito joint venture.

beings 9

The range extender version combines the petrol engine with 112 kW and two electric motors (165 kW and 200 kW, respectively). This means that a standard sprint should last 4,9 seconds. Two capacity batteries are available 42 and 52 kWh, which allows electric range, according to CLTC 225 km and 275 km. Technology features include matrix LED lights, at least 10 screens inside, a particularly bright and high-resolution screen Head up with augmented reality function and air suspension. The car also offers a variable seating concept for three to six passengers.

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