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Giannini Spettacolo is an Abarth on doping that will cost you more than 133.000 euros

With 247 hp, the Spettacolo is more powerful than all Abarth production models.

Abarth 595/695, based on the Fiat 500, is almost ready to end production, but a new project from an independent Italian company aims to breathe new life into it a miniature hatchback. Here comes the Giannini Spettacolo model, equipped with extravagant visual and mechanical enhancements, all packaged in a modest production run of 200 units. But prepare for a shock: the price is 133.000 EUR.

That's a lot of money for a car that's basically a city tot, no matter how wild the modifications. We are talking about high-end sports cars or even used supercars.

Giannini Automobiles, an Italian tuner with beginnings in 1917, built up its experience repairing and racing Fiats by the mid-XNUMXs. Now the brand is returning as part of a joint venture Empire with headquarters in Rome and Groupo Maestri in Turin. Company Empire has rights to the name Giannini, Groupo Maestri and takes care of the design and production of the Spettacolo model, which takes place in the former Pininfarina factories in Turin.

Show it visually looks like any other Abarth, but has because of the custom-made body panels more aggressive exterior. Up front, the redesigned nose features a new radiator grille, enlarged air intakes and a prominent sill. The aluminum engine cover boasts a F1 style vents and integrated headlight covers, which further contribute to its distinctive appearance.

The profile has been upgraded with wider fenders, extended side skirts and a set of 18-inch wheel covers made of carbon fiber. In addition, the door opens upwards, indicating that this is not common Fiat 500. At the back, side openings stand out, reminiscent of Renault 5 Turbo, and they are complemented by a large spoiler and a customized rear bumper with two exhaust pipes located above the diffuser.

On the official website of the model Giannini's Spettacolo is available configurator, which allows potential buyers to customize the exterior. In addition to different colors, there is also a range of optional stickers that give the "hot hatch" a look racing aesthetics. Inside, the bench seat in the rear seats is replaced by a pair of lightweight carbon fiber seats.

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