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Toyota announces GR Corolla with automatic transmission

Toyota wants to please people, so it announces a model GR Corolla with automatic transmission. The hot all-wheel-drive hatchback is currently available exclusively with a manual transmission in the U.S., but that could change as the automatic transmission proves to be a more popular choice among GR86 and Supra buyers.

Australian magazine Drive quotes Sean Hanley, Toyota's local sales and marketing manager, who says more than half of GR86 and Supra buyers have opted for an automatic transmission. He added: "The data shows that people would choose an automatic transmission if it were available." President Toyota Gazoo Racing Tomoya Takahashi hinted that an automatic transmission will also be available for the GR Corolla model: "If customer demand is adequate, it can happen."

Earlier in the year, Toyota in the US was asked how many people would buy in 2023 GR models with manual transmission. It was last year GR86 with three pedals ordered by only 48 percent of buyers, while the proportion of buyers who picked up a manual GR Supra was even lower, namely 43 percent. At the model GR Corolla, which competes with Volkswagen Golf R, it was a 50/50 split, but the manual transmission will drop with the upcoming facelift. Also GTI model will be available exclusively with an automatic transmission.

Although Toyota has not confirmed that it will GR Corolla got an automatic transmission, but it probably wouldn't take much effort to introduce a version with two pedals. Updated GR Racing, introduced earlier in the year, combined the same 1,6-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine with a new eight-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter.

GR Corolla with an automatic transmission, it may not be the only addition in the company's garage Gazoo Racing. Toyota's fast division claims a GR-branded SUV is needed. The argument is that people who need a bigger and more spacious vehicle should buy an SUV, so why not get some extra performance along with it?

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