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Renault will develop the new electric Twingo together with Chinese partners

Although Renault has already called on European automakers to form an alliance against Chinese competition, it will now tie up with a Chinese company to develop the new Twingo model.

After the interruption of talks between Renault in Volkswagen the French car manufacturer confirmed that it is developing a new electric vehicle with a Chinese partner. The news comes after Renault's chief executive confirmed that the brand wants to to create a cheap electric vehicle, which would serve as the next generation of the model Twingo.

Because slowing sales of electric vehicles many automakers are concerned, so many see the development of cheaper and more affordable electric vehicles as one way to revive sales. In addition, many legacy car manufacturers are facing increasing pressure due to the entry of Chinese companies, which can provide a cheaper product using advanced electric vehicle technology and tightly controlled supply chains.

Renault CEO Luca de Meo had previously called on European car manufacturers to unite and form a conglomerate Airbus style to produce affordable electric vehicles that will be able to compete with Chinese imports to the mainland.

However, it is Renault announced in a new statement to AutoNews that the car will be developed in China. Under the management of the company Ampere, Renault's electric vehicle division, only the design and advanced engineering of the new Twingo will take place in France. Renault is said to want to reduce the time required for development, while also working to keep the car's price down lower than EUR 20.000. Production will take place in Europe, most likely in factory in Novi Sad, which currently manufactures the Twingo model.

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