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Matej Rimac's next project is an autonomous robot taxi called Verne

It will hit the roads in 2026.

Mate Rimac he understands people. His new company Verne, which will start operating in 2026, gives drivers a great deal of control over their experience in an autonomous vehicle in the hope that as many customers as possible will develop a desire for “more comfort and a sense of ownership”.

Robotaxis Verne will do the things that the robotaxis does and you with the platform Mobileye Drive and the fourth level of driving from point A to point B. However, the company is building the experience on a ride-hailing app that will allow passengers to adjust the vehicle's temperature, sound, lighting, comfort level and scent before the vehicle even arrives, making every ride with the same for Verne vehicles every time, "even though the customer will never own the vehicle", as stated in the company's message.

The unique shape of the Verne is the result of a design that comes first intended for the cabin. The company designed the car from the inside out and thus increased leg room, which, according to the company, is more than in Rolls-Royce. There are only two in it two seats, because the company found that 90 percent of taxi rides are done by just one or two people. It also has a trunk for transporting luggage.

Passengers will sit in front 43-inch screen, which can play various entertainment content or provide driving information. The vehicle has no steering wheel or pedals, but has a physical switch between the seats that people can use to start and end the ride. There is also a touch screen for controlling the vehicle's systems.

An important part of the company's efforts will be his "mother ship", the place where they will be daily serviced vehicles, where they will be filled, inspected and cleaned, which will ensure comfort and safety for passengers. The cars will be made from materials designed for everyday use and "abuse".

Unique the exterior of the Verne vehicle hides deeply integrated cameras, radars, LIDAR systems and cleaning mechanisms. It also lacks things that a driver normally needs in a vehicle, such as windshield wipers and side mirrors, making it easy to clean.

Verne will first drive to Zagreb street in 2026, after which they plan to expand to the UK, Germany and the Middle East. Worldwide expansion is planned, and the company is already building its first production facility in Croatia. The company is named after Jules Verne, author of 20.000 Miles Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Around the World in 80 Days. Soon he will also take you to the grocery store.

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