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Nyobolt EV charges up to 80% in less than 5 minutes, but only offers 250km of range

Nobody likes waiting, but it's a common occurrence for EV owners who travel long distances. That could become a thing of the past, as Nyobolt has unveiled a prototype sports car that can charge from 10 to 80% in 4 minutes and 37 seconds.

The company claims it is “twice the speed of most of the fastest charging vehicles today”, and he says yes "the first four minutes take place at a constant current of 500 A, which should provide 193 km of range".

However, some important caveats should be noted. The biggest one is that the prototype has a small capacity battery pack 35 kWh. To give you an idea of ​​how small this battery pack is, let's mention that it has a plug-in hybrid Jeep wrangler 4xe 17,3 kWh battery pack, MINI Aceman EV and 42,5 kWh and 54,2 kWh battery pack. This helps explain why the sports car's WLTP range is only 250 km.

Although a small battery means a small range, it is Nine bolts tried to portray this as a positive trait. In particular, the company stated that the battery is lightweight and charges quickly. Of course, the same could be said for other batteries, if they were also made smaller.

However Nine bolts believes that their batteries are used “patented next-generation carbon and metal oxide anode materials, innovative low-impedance cell design, and integrated power electronics and software control”, better.

In particular, they claim to have solved problems related to battery degradation, as their “24,5Ah cells have already successfully completed more than 4 full fast charge cycles DoD (Depth of Discharge), which translates to more than 600 miles (000 km) when used in a package Nyobolt EV, while still retaining more than 80 percent of battery capacity.”

Going back to the base sports car Lotus, has the possibility of fast charging with direct current with a power of 350 kW and weighs only 1.250 kg. The model was together with Callum designed and constructed in such a way that small series production is possible. There's no word yet on whether that's planned, but Nyobolt said small-scale battery production could begin within a year.

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