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Genesis X Gran Racer Vision GT concept in racing mode with 1.540 hp

If you thought the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta concept couldn't get any crazier, you need to check out the X Gran Racer.

The company genesis presented a racing version of the beautiful model X Gran Berlinetta Concept from last year, which has more aggressive aerodynamics and significantly increased power. A beefed-up hypercar called Genesis X Gran Racer Vision GT Concept, is the crown jewel of the Korean brand's newly established Magma program.

The new concept debuted at the International Mobility Fair Busan 2024 as the fourth Genesis developed for the video game series Gran Turismo. It maintains the elegant proportions and sculpted bodywork of the original model X Gran Berlinetta, although it has larger aerodynamic components and racing rims.

The front end now boasts a more pronounced sill and carbon wings. The fenders are ventilated, and the redesigned side skirts lead to the essential a larger diffuser on the rear. All this is complemented by a massive rear wing with a central rib and integrated LEDs, which gives it a look to match for Le Mans.

Exposed parts from carbon fiber they create a surprising contrast with the Magma shade, the characteristic color of high-performance models genesis. Finally, there's a new set of center-mounted rims with aerodynamic discs up front, wrapped in Michelin tires.

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta with a combined output of 799 kW (1.086 hp) and 1.337 Nm from the electrified V6 engine, it has already reached the level of hypercar performance. However, this was not enough for the model Genesis X Gran Racer Vision GT, which boasts an even more impressive output of 1.133 kW (1.561 hp) and 1.427 Nm of torque.

The increase in power was made possible by an improved electric motor, which now produces 499 kW (679 hp), compared to 150 kW (204 hp) from the previous concept. The mid-mounted Lambda II V6 engine retains its 649 kW (882 hp) output, aided by an electric supercharger.

Such as Genesis X Gran Berlinetta was also X Gran Racer created purely as a design study. This means that you will only be able to drive it in Gran Turismo video games on the PlayStation 5 console. Nevertheless, these hypercar concepts are expected to influence the design of future products genesis and could even pave the way for the brand's new halo model in the near future.

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