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BMW will withdraw the X4 model from the sales program

The manufacturer from Munich will not present the successor of the coupé SUV.

The third generation of the BMW X4 it won't. This was confirmed by the manufacturers themselves when they confirmed the imminent departure of the medium-sized model at the presentation of the new X3 coupé SUV, which seems to no longer have a place in the Bavarian manufacturer's range.

BMW has decided that it has X4 little room to maneuver on the price list, as it is sandwiched between the new X2, which has grown in size, engines and equipment, and the larger X6, which meets the demands of more demanding buyers.

In practice, according to BMW, younger and "incoming customers", i.e. those entering the world of BMW for the first time rely on the new X2, while those who want to go to the top can count on the larger X6.

BMW will not develop a successor to the X4.

For those looking for an SUV with by similar measures to the X4 (about 4,70 meters), according to BMW, the "ideal" vehicle is now the sportier new X3.

Date of discontinuation of the current model X4 from the US factory in Spartanburg it is not yet officially known, but the model will probably say goodbye between 2025 and 2026. The current generation, known internally as the G02, was sent to the market in 2018. The model was updated in 2021.

A quick comparison of the external dimensions of the new BMW X2 and X4 clearly shows how similar the two coupé SUVs have become. The new BMW X2 is 4,55 meters long, while the BMW X4 measures approx 4,75 meters. The difference is therefore a good 20 cm, the X4 measures almost 7 cm more in width, and exceeds its smaller brother by 3 cm in height.

Nevertheless, the price difference between the X2 and X4 models is quite large, with the price of the more compact SUV starting at 47.500 euros, and the base price of the larger model is 59.800 euros. In short, the price difference between them is more than 12.000 euros.

Quick sales review premium coupé SUVs of the middle class on the European markets shows us that it is the star of this market niche Mercedes GLC Coupe.

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